David Parsons
Executive Director and Owner

Kristina Gregory
Office Manager/Painting

Mark Ambler
Kids/Teens Squiggling/Drawing

Adriana Andersen
Kids & Young Teens Clay

Jeannette Bose
Abstract Painting

Joseph P Bremmer
Stained Glass

David Cruz
Welding for Sculpture

Desiree Kannel
Creative Writing

Kristina Christian-Kelly
Cold Fusion Jewelry

Beverly Metcalf
Drawing With Pastels

Lynn C Mikami
Glass Fusion/Jewelry

Serina Nakazawa
Kids & Young Teens Clay

Zora Necheva
Sculpture & Mold Making

Yasuko Ozawa
Beginning Wheel Throwing

Edwina Rambo
Kids Art

Blu Rivard
Oil Painting

Doug Stenhouse
Advanced Plein Air Watercolor

Audrey Suer
Creative Water Media With Printmaking